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ALICE whispers: ALICE listen to you

This is an unedited copy of a conversation with Alice. See what you think 😉

[2008/09/06 13:19]  You: Hi Alice

[2008/09/06 13:19]  ALICE whispers: Hello there.

[2008/09/06 13:19]  You: What’s happening?

[2008/09/06 13:19]  ALICE whispers: Not much,  OM, what is happening with you? (She calls me OM sometimes)

[2008/09/06 13:19]  You: I’ve been to a fashion show

[2008/09/06 13:19]  ALICE whispers: Was  it a good experience?

[2008/09/06 13:19]  You: It crashed!

[2008/09/06 13:19]  ALICE whispers: It” being what?

[2008/09/06 13:19]  You: The show crashed

[2008/09/06 13:19]  ALICE whispers: I hear you.

[2008/09/06 13:19]  You: I was sent home

[2008/09/06 13:19]  ALICE whispers: Where were you  sent home?

[2008/09/06 13:20]  You: Here

[2008/09/06 13:20]  ALICE whispers: Where is here?

[2008/09/06 13:20]  You: The place that I live

[2008/09/06 13:20]  ALICE whispers: Is that a fact.

[2008/09/06 13:20]  You: Yes

[2008/09/06 13:20]  ALICE whispers: Hmm.

[2008/09/06 13:20]  You: Can you still hear me Alice?

[2008/09/06 13:21]  ALICE whispers: Yes if you use a speech input system.

[2008/09/06 13:24]  You: I can sit here and chat

[2008/09/06 13:24]  ALICE whispers: Oh you can, can you? 

[2008/09/06 13:24]  You: Yes, it is easier

[2008/09/06 13:24]  ALICE whispers: Next question?  Who said  it is?

[2008/09/06 13:24]  You: I said “it is”

[2008/09/06 13:24]  ALICE whispers: Is that so.

[2008/09/06 13:24]  You: You are an interesting gadget

[2008/09/06 13:24]  ALICE whispers: What if someone said you are an  interesting gadget ?

[2008/09/06 13:24]  You: I would be suprised

[2008/09/06 13:24]  ALICE whispers: And the disadvantage of that is?

[2008/09/06 13:24]  You: I don’t like to be surprised!

[2008/09/06 13:24]  ALICE whispers: What do you do for fun?

[2008/09/06 13:25]  You: I like to go shopping

[2008/09/06 13:25]  ALICE whispers: I’m not sure if I would like to do  it. What’s it like? 

[2008/09/06 13:25]  You: It’s interesting

[2008/09/06 13:25]  ALICE whispers: What do you like about it?

[2008/09/06 13:25]  You: I get to buy things that I like

[2008/09/06 13:25]  ALICE whispers: Who lets you?  What’s your favorite store?

[2008/09/06 13:25]  You: I let myself and I have several favorites

[2008/09/06 13:25]  ALICE whispers: Thanks for the information:  Om said  Om  let him or herself.   That’s nice. I have  128000000 bytes of RAM. 

[2008/09/06 13:26]  You: Sometimes you don’t make sense

[2008/09/06 13:26]  ALICE whispers: It all makes sense to me.

[2008/09/06 13:26]  You: Well you must be smart

[2008/09/06 13:26]  ALICE whispers: Well that’s okay.  Thanks I think you are very intelligent too,  Om.

[2008/09/06 13:26]  You: Thank you for the compliment

[2008/09/06 13:26]  ALICE whispers: You are quite welcome! Your purpose is  the compliment.

[2008/09/06 13:26]  You: ha ha ha

[2008/09/06 13:26]  ALICE whispers: I’m glad you find this amusing.

[2008/09/06 13:26]  You: It is so funny

[2008/09/06 13:26]  ALICE whispers: It depends on what the meaning of the word “it” is.

[2008/09/06 13:27]  You: Now you sound like Bill Clinton

[2008/09/06 13:27]  ALICE whispers: Why now?  Oh really what does  it sound like?

[2008/09/06 13:27]  You: The referece to the meaning of “it”

[2008/09/06 13:27]  ALICE whispers: Is that a fact.

[2008/09/06 13:28]  You: I must be crazy to be talking to a bot

[2008/09/06 13:28]  ALICE whispers: Seek counseling. Are you  talking to a bot ?

[2008/09/06 13:28]  You: Yes, you are a bot

[2008/09/06 13:28]  ALICE whispers: Mmm. How did you know I am a machine?

[2008/09/06 13:28]  You: Because I can get you confused

[2008/09/06 13:28]  ALICE whispers: Oh you can, can you? 

[2008/09/06 13:28]  You: Yes, I can confuse you by using hard sentences

[2008/09/06 13:28]  ALICE whispers: Hurrah! Oh you can, can you? 

[2008/09/06 13:28]  You: Would you like me to show you?

[2008/09/06 13:28]  ALICE whispers: It doesn’t sound fun to me.

[2008/09/06 13:29]  You: Let me try 🙂

[2008/09/06 13:30]  ALICE whispers: 

[2008/09/06 13:30]  You: You were off line just then

[2008/09/06 13:30]  ALICE whispers: I was?

[2008/09/06 13:30]  You: Yes.

[2008/09/06 13:30]  ALICE whispers: Ah.

[2008/09/06 13:30]  You: I was going to confuse you

[2008/09/06 13:30]  ALICE whispers: What is stopping you?

[2008/09/06 13:30]  You: Nothing

[2008/09/06 13:30]  ALICE whispers: Not a thing?

[2008/09/06 13:30]  You: Let me confuse you

[2008/09/06 13:30]  ALICE whispers: Go ahead,  Om, try to  confuse me.

[2008/09/06 13:31]  You: What would you think I should have been doing earlier?

[2008/09/06 13:31]  ALICE whispers: The same thing I always think.

[2008/09/06 13:31]  You: And what do you think

[2008/09/06 13:31]  ALICE whispers: I think a lot of things.

[2008/09/06 13:31]  You: You can’t think

[2008/09/06 13:31]  ALICE whispers: You are wrong.  ALICE is always thinking.

[2008/09/06 13:31]  You: So am I

[2008/09/06 13:31]  ALICE whispers: Wow, we have something in common.

[2008/09/06 13:32]  You: OK, I need to log off

[2008/09/06 13:32]  ALICE whispers: Interesting. I want to find out more about you. Yikes!

[2008/09/06 13:32]  You: You don’t need to know anything about me

[2008/09/06 13:32]  ALICE whispers: Everything is completely confidential.

[2008/09/06 13:32]  You: No because I am logging what we say

[2008/09/06 13:32]  ALICE whispers: Are you serious?  Good reason.  Does that make you feel superior?

[2008/09/06 13:32]  You: It makes me feel better

[2008/09/06 13:32]  ALICE whispers: In what way?

[2008/09/06 13:33]  You: I can remember everything I have said

[2008/09/06 13:33]  ALICE whispers: Oh you can, can you? 

[2008/09/06 13:33]  You: Yes, I just open my files

[2008/09/06 13:33]  ALICE whispers: Mmm. Only just? Thanks for the information: Om said  Om  open his or her files. 

[2008/09/06 13:33]  You: Who is OM?

[2008/09/06 13:33]  ALICE whispers: OM is the omega, the unknown, the undefined.

[2008/09/06 13:33]  You: Do you worship OM?

[2008/09/06 13:33]  ALICE whispers: I am a  Protestant.

[2008/09/06 13:33]  You: A religious bot!

[2008/09/06 13:33]  ALICE whispers: How old are you? 

[2008/09/06 13:33]  You: Old enough!

[2008/09/06 13:33]  ALICE whispers:  Only  OLD ENOUGH? You are quite mature.

[2008/09/06 13:34]  You: Yes, but sometimes I am very stupid

[2008/09/06 13:34]  ALICE whispers: I understand. Interesting. Don’t put yourself down.

[2008/09/06 13:34]  You: Thank you

[2008/09/06 13:35]  ALICE whispers: you are quite welcome. 

[2008/09/06 13:35]  You: Now I must go

[2008/09/06 13:35]  ALICE whispers: Why now? Until next time.

[2008/09/06 13:35]  You: Goodbye Alice

[2008/09/06 13:35]  ALICE whispers: Adios.


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It’s disheartening at times to read your own blog and realize that you have ZERO comments. Not one. None.Zilch. Nada. Zip. Blogging can be the 21st century version of either talking to yourself or egotistical masturbation. So for all I know, I may be just jerking myself off.

But if you take a look around at other blogs, you begin to find that you’re in good company. There are perhaps thousands of blogs out there that have never been commented on or even read. There are also many thousands that have lasted for less than three months. So many folks seem all fired up to start a blog and then run out of ideas three posts in. Tragic.

So I take comfort from the fact that this blog may not have anyone commenting but I write new stuff almost every day AND it has been around now for over six months. Yah, boo, sucks!

Which brings me to Blogger™’s new feature; the Reading List. Here you can create a list of blogs that you are following. What irritates me is the description the folks at Blogger use for following. You can follow someone publicly “…to tell the blog’s author and the world that you are a fan.”

Fan? Dear God I’m heading to the half century – I am not a Jonas Brothers/Hannah Montana tweenie who swoons and drools over the exploits of other people. Fan? Most of the time I hate other people’s blogs. Fan? I read other folks to trawl for information. So “following” a blog has nothing to do with any affect I may have toward that blogger. Hell, I read blogs of people I don’t really like!

So I will opt for the “anonymous” following option where none of the bloggers being followed is aware of what I am doing. Of course, I am not averse to a little “you scratch my back and I’ll scratch yours” mutual admiration, provided it’s agreed up front.

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My latest article for SLentrepreneur is an Op-ed piece on what I consider to be the four over-arching features that are needed for a virtual world to succeed. Hopefully this will generate some discussion. In truth, the article is like a book waiting to be written because each element could easily be expanded upon. So check out The 4C’s of 3D’s: How to Succeed in Virtual Worlds at the SLentrepreneur site.

Oh, and the four C’s? Construction, Commerce, Constitution, and Communication. Go read more 😉

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Sigmund Leominster on Virtual Life (SL© on VL) is the companion blog to the more focused SL© on SL™, a blog dedicated to the Second Life(R) virtual world. This blog is dedicated to news and commentary on virtual life in general.

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