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In a recent interview with Ian Lamont of The Industry Standard, Linden Lab‘s CEO, Mark Kingdon, said that the company is targeting growth in France, Germany, Spain, Brazil, and Japan.

Said Kingdon, “In Japan, we have someone on the ground that helps with communications and partner relationships. We don’t in Germany because that can be served from other markets.

“The three centers for Linden Lab are the United States, most of our staff is here, and then we have staff in Brighton, England. We have staff in Singapore and then we have a few people in other markets, but our three core staff areas are in the United States, (Brighton) England, and then Singapore.”

Kingdon also talked about Nebraska, the code name for a project to address the needs of businesses and corporations.

“We’re also developing a behind-the-firewall solution which is something that companies have asked for, for quite some time because there are some companies that want to host Second Life themselves. Obviously there are some security concerns or they have content that they want to develop that’s closer for their business or their corporate firewall which makes it logistically easier for them to maintain and manage themselves.”

Future developments include bringing the web into Second Life, rather than taking Second Life into the web.

“What we are looking at for Second Life is to bring a lot more of the Web into Second Life, and to take really significant elements of the Second Life experience and put them out on the Web, so that we are in sync with the market changes in terms of the way people want to connect with and consume Second Life.
“It doesn’t mean we’re going to put the entire Second Life experience in a browser, because there are probably elements for the foreseeable future that you can’t do that with”

The comment, “…there are probably elements for the foreseeable future that you can’t do that with” suggests changes to come, including the integration of IM (the SLIM product) and voice out from the SL client to other web-based options (such as Google chat?)

Source: The Industry Standard


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Moshi Monsters

Moshi Monsters

Mind Candy is a  British media and entertainment company that specializes in puzzle games. In 2007, the team began developing Moshi Monsters, a virtual world with pet monsters. It has now introduced a new membership system earlier this month to add to its current free-to-play option. Membership adds a variety of premium benefits, including the new areas, virtual goods, and social features. The “goods” are rare moshlings – special one-off monsters.

Members get an unlimited social network and are able to add as many friends as wanted, as opposed to the regular members’ limit of 500. They also gain the ability to re-customize their avatars, creating them with new styles and color combinations.  Memberships cost $7.50 per month a la carte or $4.95 per month with a 12-month agreement.

Take a look at a YouTube video to see Moshi Monsters.

Source: Mind Candy press release

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Social networks, games, shopping, dating, music, news and much more. Life On Line, a TV show about internet living.

Life-On-Line …… Spread the word!

Starting February 15th 2008, this TV talk show is about how we spend our lives online – how we stay in touch, how we work and play, how we are entertained and informed. Life On Line visits virtual worlds and social networks. We showcase exciting new talent in music, movies and literature.

LOL is the brainchild of journalist Steve Cropper. According to Steve, Life On Line “seeks to go deeper into how people use their online time for news and entertainment, creativity, love, friendship, business, shopping, work or any other reason. We also scan the internet for emerging new talent – musicians, movie makers, writers, bloggers – anyone who is contributing to the richness of digital life.”

And starting today, you can watch Life On Line from this site, simply by clicking the video box to the left of this article.

Here’s the team that brings you Life On Line:

Host – Steve Cropper
Music – Space Junky
News – Sigmund Leominster
Social Networks – Andrew Peters
‘Shrink’ – Dr Roman Candle
Voice – Kayden O’Connell

The news slot is a summary of more detailed items that can be found at this site.

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By clicking on the button above, you can enter the world of ExitReality and stop by my new 3D-version of this blog – which turns out to be a beach house!

Beach House

Beach House

You need to download and install the ExitReality software. Then you can come see the new house and wander around.

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Alcoa-ExitReality partnershipAlcoa, a global leader in the aluminum industry with over 90,000 employees in 34 countries, is committed to excellence and innovation.

As part of that commitment, Alcoa is working with 3D web platform provider ExitReality to improve communications, productivity, research and innovation for many of its global activities.

To enhance collaboration and communication, virtualisation within Alcoa has begun.  Craig Dermer, the Australian IT Strategy Manager stated that using virtual web technology, employees will be able to meet in an open or secure environment to conduct meetings, product demonstrations and explore 3D production facilities, all in real time. “Our people will be able to review product prototypes and gain valuable feedback from internal teams or global customers with the use of this highly engaging communication and collaboration medium.”

In the midst of the global economic meltdown, Alcoa, like many companies, is seeking ways to minimize travel costs by using this medium to communicate virtually.

“Virtual worlds provide a significant opportunity to enable not only cost savings and efficiencies, but improved effectiveness beyond current audio and video based solutions,” explained Craig, who has been researching virtual environments for 2 years.

By using open web 3D technology, like that supplied by ExitReality, invited participants can access meeting spaces without corporate firewall restrictions associated with many 3D virtual solutions.

Alcoa is a world leader in the production and management of primary aluminium, fabricated aluminum, refined alumina and mining of bauxite.

Alcoa serves the aerospace, automotive, packaging, building and construction, commercial transportation and industrial markets, bringing design, engineering, production and other capabilities of Alcoa’s businesses to customers.

To view any website in 3D including Warner Bros, Blinkx, Carls Jnr, download ExitReality.

Primary Source: Article courtesy of ExitReality

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Whether virtual worlds have been expanding of contracting in 2008, some venture capital companies have been willing to take the risk – to the tune of $594 million. IN a report released January 19th, 2009, Virtual Worlds Management found that 63 companies have received funding ranging from $500K (Worlds.com)  to $70 million (Trion World Network).

According to MediaPost, however, this is a huge drop from 2007, where an estimated $1.4 billion was invested.

Joey Seiler, the editor of VirtualWorldsNews.com, said that, “For developers aiming at adults with virtual worlds, though, the year was a little slower… While big money seems readily available for developers creating massively multiplayer games (or game-heavy worlds depending on your perspective), companies aiming with more traditional worlds raised over $47.721 million for 11 companies.”

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Read the opening two paragraphs from the new site, YouPlayorWePay.com and see if you feel the pain too.

“Are you a fan of World of Warcraft™ (Who Isn’t!?)
Are you sick of waiting hours upon hours in queues?
Feeling angry about unexpected outages and laggy game play?
Wish you could be compensated when you can’t play?

“Welcome to the world’s first third party compensation website. YouPlayorWePay.com aims to compensate you with CASH for the problems MMORPG players know all too well: waiting queues, system outages and laggy game play. It doesn’t matter if you’re a level 10 Warlock or a level 70 Warrior. It doesn’t matter if you’re on a new realm with little population or an old realm with a high population! We aim to compensate you if you experience waiting queues, system outages or laggy game play.”

So how does this work? Well, it seems that they track your “normal” server activity and give you a quote based on those numbers. For example, if you are on a high population server you will be a high risk, which means they will adjust by either charging you more money or lowering your payout on time spent in queue/server lag. They log when a server goes into High/Max/Offline status and then start compensation from there. This is therefore not based on your individual time spent in the queue.

The limit on your payout is 1.75 times your activation fee – your “insurance premium” for the month. Therefore, if you pay $10.00, you can only make yourself a maximum of $17.50 per month.

It remains to be seen if the math is sufficient to make a business. Lots of legitimate claims all at once could soon shut down the enterprise. On the other hand, it lots of folks pay premiums and don’t claim, then this isn’t a bad little earner.

Primary Source: YouPlayOrWePay.com

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