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The social network Twitter was asked by the US government to delay a planned outage in order to allow Twitter users in Iran to report on events taking place following the recent controversial election. Dubbed the “Twitter Revolution,” Iran’s government attempted a total media shutdown but cell phone owners have been able to send tweets without interference.


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Sims 3 iPhone Debut

EA Games is now shipping a iPhone version of its popular The Sims 3 game. The game takes full advantage of the iPhone’s multi-touch screen capabilities allowing players to change views with ease.

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Sulake is an online entertainment company focused on virtual worlds and social networking. Currently these properties include virtual world Habbo and social networking service IRC-Galleria. However, the company has just announced a beta-test version of a new virtual world, Bobba, designed for mobile phones.

Bobba on a Nokia

Bobba on a Nokia

Currently it is available for a number of Nokia phones but an iPod version is in development. Both Bobba and Habbo are developed and published by Sulake, but Bobba is a service and brand of its own, and you have to be 16 years or older to use Bobba.

Antti Vilpponen of ArcticStartup said of his first experience using it; “I did have a chat with some of the other Finnish users in the service and liked the way the chatting worked. Unfortunately, that is then again pretty much the only thing I really liked in the service.”

He goes on to say that the “real downside I felt, that is still understandable – is the flow in the service; what do I do once I have set up my room, how do I find friends (I was unable to friend any of the other users), how do I decorate my room?”

Despite these limitations, he did say that “I guess I’m too eager – the service is in its early public beta.”

Primary Source: Bobba Home page

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RayGun™ is promoted as the first application to provide what the creators, Planet 9 Studios, call “Social Navigation.” It combines GPS tracking, route finding, friend finding and social networking functions all within a state of the art 3D interface. Developed originally for Boeing and the US Army, RayGun is robust and scalable. Users and their friends are shown in their correct locations so that they can share routes, text chat, share photos and videos or use the new push-to-talk feature.

RayGun currently has over 150 3D city models showing locations in Europe, Asia and the USA. It is in private beta but you can sign up for future updates.

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