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Movie maker Gore Verbinski (The Mexican, The Ring, Pirates of the Caribbean) is slated to make a fiction about a fiction based on an article about a fantasy. Confused? Welcome to the world of Virtual Worlds.

Alexandra Alter wrote an article for the Wall Street Journal entitled Is This Man Cheating on His Wife? back in August 2007. It focused on an online affair in the Second Life(TM) virtual world. Gore Verbinski and Universal Studios now want to turn this into a movie.

Avatar Dutch Hoorenbeek (no relation to the Hoorenbeek fashion house!) married avatar Tenaj Jackalope in May 2007. However, Dutch’s real life persona, Ric Hoogestraat, is married to Sue Hoogestraat, and as one might expect, she was not too pleased when she discovered “Mrs. Hoorenbeek,” real life Janet Spielman having a virtual relationship with her husband!

The article is well worth reading as it higlights the issue of how “real” should we consider online/virtual realtionships. “It’s just a game” said Dutch to his real life wife but is that true?

Verbinski intends to work with writer Steven Knight (Eastern Promises, Amazing Grace)to explore the nature of virtual infidelity – or even if it is infidelity. Cyber affairs don’t legally count as adultery unless they cross over into the real world, but they may be cited as grounds for divorce and could be a factor in determining alimony and child custody in some states, according to several legal experts, including Jeff Atkinson, professor at the DePaul University College of Law and author of the American Bar Association’s “Guide to Marriage, Divorce and Families.”

Speculation grows as to whether the 53-year-old Hoogestraat will be played by Verbinski’s pal, Johnny Depp – a move that will do more for Hoogestraat than Depp.


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