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People who play in the virtual world of Second Life (R) need to get a real life, yes? After all, it has to be full of pathetic losers who have no friends except the other pathetic losers they find online.

So how isolated do you have to be if your best friend in Second Life is a dog. Or put another way, a scripted bundle of pixels that moves in response to manipulating coding variables.

Well, Freeta Kayo appears to have done a great job in showing how it can be done. In a YouTube video entitled You Are My Sunshine, Ms. Kayo cavorts around with her canine companion, a well-scripted German Shepherd.

It’s worth sitting through the cloying cheese to catch the very, very end of the movie – the easter egg following the credits. Well, I thought it was funny!


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Virtual MTV is a 3D online social experience where you can live the mtv life with all of your friends. You can create your avatar, design your crib, explore 3D worlds, shop and play fun games. Watch the video to learn more.

The world is a browser-based experience and is a re-working of an earlier world. Here’s the official MTV press release:

“In August of 2006 MTV launched its own virtual world where you could watch our shows and live the MTV life, virtually. You’ve sent us your comments and we listened. We’re excited to let you know that you can now check out a new and improved version of Virtual MTV at virtual.mtv.com! This new ALPHA version is browser-based and allows you to create an avatar, get your own crib, explore virtual worlds and play games.”

So, sign in to Pimp Your Universe and hope you that this new venture doesn’t end up as an episode of VH1’s “Where Are They Now?”

Primary Source: Virtual MTV

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