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As 2010 approaches, I’m changing the nature of this blog from a review of virtual world news to a vehicle for my new art galleries that exist in the Second Life virtual world.

It’s been a desire of mine to create my own collection of classic works of art since I opened an account with the Second Life platform. However, my work as a writer in that same environment has kept me too busy to build the galleries. It’s also been the case that my real life has been somewhat turbulent over 2009 and my virtual life activities have diminished. I now concentrate on my involvement with SLentrepreneur magazine, MBC News, and the Metaverse Tribune. If I can slip in the occasional piece for the Alphaville Herald or Prim Perfect, that’s all well and good, but I’m trying not to overextend myself.

So what will you find at the Leominster Galleries?

The Leominster Galleries

Galleries I through III represent my permanent collection. By that, I mean that the works of art found there will rarely change, and any changes are likely to be small – such as replacing one Waterhouse painting with another just for variety.

And the works you will find there are predominantly 19th century paintings from such artists as John William Waterhouse, John Martin, Elihu Vedder, William Adolphe Bouguereau, Thomas Cole, John Collier, and many others. However, they do extend into the early 20th century and go back to the 16th but if you are a hopeless Romantic or Symbolist, the Leominster Galleries are definitely for you.

Sigs in Gallery I

Gallery IV will be reserved for my “traveling collection,” by which I mean there will be different exhibitions on a monthly or bimonthly basis, offering a complete change of scene based on my whim. For example, opening in January will be “The Illustrators Collection,” a number of renderings of engravings and images by such illustrators are Kay Nielsen, Gustave Dore, and Edmund Dulac.

Each Gallery IV exhibition will be supported by this site, with links to related sites and notes and comments from myself and possibly guest commentators.

Copies of any of the paintings can be purchased at the gallery, which won’t make me rich but go toward sustaining the galleries. By all means just stop by, spend some time, and then leave – I won’t be offended. Oh, and I am looking for a cool logo for the galleries so if you are a talented designer and want to help a dude out, just leave a comment or IM me in-world.


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People who play in the virtual world of Second Life (R) need to get a real life, yes? After all, it has to be full of pathetic losers who have no friends except the other pathetic losers they find online.

So how isolated do you have to be if your best friend in Second Life is a dog. Or put another way, a scripted bundle of pixels that moves in response to manipulating coding variables.

Well, Freeta Kayo appears to have done a great job in showing how it can be done. In a YouTube video entitled You Are My Sunshine, Ms. Kayo cavorts around with her canine companion, a well-scripted German Shepherd.

It’s worth sitting through the cloying cheese to catch the very, very end of the movie – the easter egg following the credits. Well, I thought it was funny!

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According to the death certificate, Elvis Aaron Presley died on August 16th, 1977. But for many die-hards, that’s simply a cover up for the day he went into hiding. For those who want “proof” that the death was orchestrated, take a peek at the Is Elvis Dead or Alive? site, where, for me, the argument from numerology is the clincher!

But the search is over and it’s official: Elvis IS alive and living – where else? – in the Second Life(R) virtual world!!

This newly discovered video shows a vibrant, bedazzling 74-year-old Presley performing before thousands hundreds some people – and a penguin – at a secret venue. Well, not terribly secret – but secret enough.

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The Second Annual Virtual Worlds: Libraries, Education and Museums Conference will be taking place in Second Life on April 24th and 25th, 2009. The aim of the conference is “to provide a gathering place for librarians, information professionals, educators, museologists, and others to learn about and discuss the educational, informational, and cultural opportunities of virtual worlds.”

In the call for papers, the organizers stress that although the actual conference will be held in the virtual world of Second Life, presentation and paper proposals about LEM developments in other virtual worlds are encouraged.

They list possible topics as follows:

    Virtual world events and exhibits as the drivers of attendance and engagement
    Immersive learning environments
    Reference service possibilities and practicalities in virtual worlds
    Corporate and special librarianship in virtual worlds
    Educational tools and resources
    Enterprise uses of virtual worlds
    Tours of LEM locations in Second Life
    Gaming and virtual worlds
    VW LEM opportunities for children, tweens, and teens
    Dreams and visions for LEM activities in virtual worlds
    Assessing LEM initiatives in virtual worlds
    Sustainability issues and opportunities for LEM activities in virtual worlds

Other topics pertinent to the broad topic of LEM activities in virtual worlds are welcome and innovative proposals are encouraged.

Primary source: Virtual Worlds: Libraries, Education, and Museums Conference site

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British Petroleum, one of the world’s largest energy companies, uses the Manchester Business School to train some of its senior executives. Eighteen senior executives who have taken part in a year-long project management program graduated on 18th February. The difference is that the graduates were from various parts of the world and the ceremony took place in the virtual world of Second Life.

UK company, Corporation Pop, have developed a virtual space for the MBS. Phase 1 of this development includes a central hub, two seminar rooms and a sandbox where visitors can create their own content. Phase 2 is currently in development and will include a bookshop where visitors can browse and buy university publications, and modules for each of the school’s individual departments.

MBS Processional

MBS Processional

Dom Raban, managing director of Corporation Pop, says that by holding the graduation ceremony virtually there is minimal disruption and a saving on both time and money for the BP executives.

“The space has evolved from a place to share ideas, to a location for training courses and now a place for students to take part in award ceremonies,” says Mr Raban. “This…provides a benchmark for future academic virtual world developments.”

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In a recent interview with Ian Lamont of The Industry Standard, Linden Lab‘s CEO, Mark Kingdon, said that the company is targeting growth in France, Germany, Spain, Brazil, and Japan.

Said Kingdon, “In Japan, we have someone on the ground that helps with communications and partner relationships. We don’t in Germany because that can be served from other markets.

“The three centers for Linden Lab are the United States, most of our staff is here, and then we have staff in Brighton, England. We have staff in Singapore and then we have a few people in other markets, but our three core staff areas are in the United States, (Brighton) England, and then Singapore.”

Kingdon also talked about Nebraska, the code name for a project to address the needs of businesses and corporations.

“We’re also developing a behind-the-firewall solution which is something that companies have asked for, for quite some time because there are some companies that want to host Second Life themselves. Obviously there are some security concerns or they have content that they want to develop that’s closer for their business or their corporate firewall which makes it logistically easier for them to maintain and manage themselves.”

Future developments include bringing the web into Second Life, rather than taking Second Life into the web.

“What we are looking at for Second Life is to bring a lot more of the Web into Second Life, and to take really significant elements of the Second Life experience and put them out on the Web, so that we are in sync with the market changes in terms of the way people want to connect with and consume Second Life.
“It doesn’t mean we’re going to put the entire Second Life experience in a browser, because there are probably elements for the foreseeable future that you can’t do that with”

The comment, “…there are probably elements for the foreseeable future that you can’t do that with” suggests changes to come, including the integration of IM (the SLIM product) and voice out from the SL client to other web-based options (such as Google chat?)

Source: The Industry Standard

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