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The WWF – that’s World Wildlife Federation and not the World Wrestling Federation – has opened up a new campaign aimed at getting China’s young people to be more aware of the fate of wild animals.

“We developed the world’s first mobile application where a virtual bear interacts with real environment, in real time. Through your mobile, you can control wildlife’s fate virtually and for real. Virtually, point your phone anywhere and see the bear bump into walls, trip down stairs, get run over by moving cars, and become defenseless against humans.”

You can download the application at the WWF’s China Biodiversity Program web page.


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RayGun™ is promoted as the first application to provide what the creators, Planet 9 Studios, call “Social Navigation.” It combines GPS tracking, route finding, friend finding and social networking functions all within a state of the art 3D interface. Developed originally for Boeing and the US Army, RayGun is robust and scalable. Users and their friends are shown in their correct locations so that they can share routes, text chat, share photos and videos or use the new push-to-talk feature.

RayGun currently has over 150 3D city models showing locations in Europe, Asia and the USA. It is in private beta but you can sign up for future updates.

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