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New York’s attorney general, Andrew Cuomo, has charged that Tagged.com stole the identities of more than 60 million internet users worldwide – by sending emails that raided their private accounts. He plans to sue the social networking website for deceptive marketing and invasion of privacy.


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There are two ways to experience the thrill of landing an airplane – whether that be on runway or a river. The first is to go to pilot training school and earn a license, then buy your own plane or get a job in the aviation industry. The second is to hijack a plane and fly it to Cuba. This is, of course, not recommended, partly because Cuban airports aren’t all they’re cracked up to be and, more seriously, law enforcement agencies frown on this sort of behavior. Even if it’s just a frat house prank.

There is a third option, which involves flying on as many routes as possible until you find yourself on one where the pilot has had a heart attack and the flight attendant screams “Can anyone fly a plane?” You can up your chances by sticking to routes serviced by East European airlines or hop on Afghanistan’s Ariana – sometimes called ‘scaryana.”

Another alternative is to check out a virtual landing of Thai Airways 777-300 landing at Toncontin Intl. Runway 1. Here you can experience the flight simulator version of how to touch down safely on concrete without ending up smeared across large swathes of Honduras.

So, next time I find myself on a flight to Honduras, I can feel safe in the knowledge that should both pilots find themselves incapacitated by an aneurysm, heart attack, or crate of vodka, I have a fighting chance of being a hero, touching down and hearts simultaneously.

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ON24, Inc. announced the results of its survey of more than 10,000 enterprise executives which polled the anticipated use in 2009 of trade shows, conventions and sales training seminars against virtual events such as webinars and virtual shows. The survey showed a significant shift from physical to virtual events. While the economy likely played a major role in decision-making, respondents also valued the convenience, flexibility and additional capabilities provided by online participation.

Survey findings showed the following shift from physical to virtual events in 2009:

  • 42% expect participation in physical trade shows to be down by as much as 50%
  • 64% expect to have fewer physical sales kick off seminars – or none at all
  • 60% expect training, management and other internal events to be down 20 – 50%
  • A full 76% said their company has already begun using virtual events (53%) or plans to begin using them (23%) to supplement some of their physical events in 2009

Cost savings aside, respondents generally found little they would miss about attending physical events and saw a number of advantages to virtual ones in terms of convenience and productivity.

  • While 61% said they would miss seeing people in person, less than half felt they would miss traveling to other locations (34%), enjoying the social activities (36%) or seeing speakers in person (20%).
  • Respondents found several aspects of virtual participation to be particularly appealing:
    • 75% appreciated that there is no travel required
    • 64% liked that they can attend the virtual sessions on their own time schedules
    • 58% found it useful to be able to forward to their colleagues virtual sessions that they thought would be of interest to them
  • More than one third of respondents cited the social networking benefits of virtual events, including the ability to see a list of all attendees in advance (35%); to contact other attendees online throughout the event (40%) and to get information on people (32%) and companies (34%) they meet electronically.

“While physical events will always be an important part of a company’s overall marketing, training and management strategy, virtual events have definitely reached their ‘tipping point’ in today’s business world,” said Denise Persson, ON24 Chief Marketing Officer. “The current economy makes online events alternatives very compelling, since they usually cost only a fraction of a physical one. But an equally important trend is that many employees are already participating in online social networking groups, so they are happy using these same behaviors to make the most of their company events. They are as comfortable developing relationships online as in person, and they prefer the greater amount of information and sharing that online events provide.”

Source: ON24 Press Release

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A recent study by the group TNS Global reveals that 58% of UK Internet users have met face-to-face with people they first contacted online. 45% had made telephone calls. The sample of 2,500 specific to the UK was a subset from a 27,522 person sample of 18-55-year-olds from 16 countries.

However, despite the apparent ease of social networking, many people doubt the true identity of our online ‘friends. 37% of respondents admitted that they cannot be sure of an online friend’s identity, and when it comes to interaction with families and real world friends, we still prefer to meet face-to-face – with email and online forum falling far behind meeting and phoning as the preferred way to interact.

Older people appear to have more online friends than younger. 24% of 18- to 25-year-olds’ friends are ‘online only’, which rises to 33% of 35 to 44-year-olds’ friends.

Presumably by the time someone reaches 90, he or she has no real friends just lots of virtual buddies who look like 18- to 25-year olds. Tragedy, anyone?

Primary Source: TNS Global

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